Bali Is Never the Answer


I have the attention span of a gnat. I don’t know if it’s ADHD, old age, a sensory processing disorder, or if I just plain don’t give a shit about half the things I should. Trying to pay a handful of bills becomes a three-hour process when you’re continually sidetracked by musings like “When’s the last time I vacuumed the dryer vent?” to “I really should order one of those emergency ladder thingies in case the dryer catches fire” to “if my house burns down and I have to go to the hospital, what are the odds I’ll be wearing non-saggy, rip-free underwear?”  … to 45 minutes spent on looking for the perfect bra & panty set (not too slutty, but still indicating I haven’t completely given up) to checking my bank account to see if $167.29 on Bali bras is prudent at this juncture (the answer is almost always “No.”), to “Oh, that’s right, goddammit, I have bills to pay!”

The hamster wheel in my mind no doubt overheats on a regular basis. Which gets me wondering … when’s the last time I vacuumed it out?


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