49 to Fifty

Here I sit in the wake of my 48th year. It’s been a good one, but change is also good (and necessary), and I’ve felt myself straining against the chains that bind for some time now. I think it explains the blog; to tell my story in a deeper, fuller way as I learn and grow.

In an effort to develop — from a darkroom negative into a dazzling Kodachrome positive — I’ve identified 49 area of challenge/goodwill/improvement.

I’m ready to take on a lot. Not sure I’ll knock all 49 out of the park, but I’ve done my due diligence. I’ve set reminders on my phone, bought supplies, signed up for classes, etc. I’ve included in the list things I love, things I hate, and things I genuinely believe will lead me to be a better, happier person. And isn’t that always the goal?

I am Sir Edmund, and this list is my Everest:


  1. Lose 30 pounds
  2. Book a trip to South America (to finally collect our 6th continent)
  3. Purchase an original piece of art
  4. Sharpen photography skills via classes and/or tutorials
  5. Do something kind for someone I don’t particularly like (character building!)
  6. Write a theoretical letter to someone monthly, post them here
  7. Update Flickr acct with all our travel photos (not done since 2014)
  8. Submit a piece of writing for publication consideration
  9. Book a trip for my 50th birthday – turn 50 somewhere exciting & new
  10. Each day look in the mirror and say, “I don’t give up on myself” – and mean it
  11. Volunteer for a cause I care about
  12. Force myself onto the treadmill at least 4x/week (unless ill or traveling)
  13. Write for 30 minutes at least 4x/week – set calendar reminder
  14. Random act of kindness for someone every month
  15. Get eyes examined/glasses for dreaded presbyopia
  16. Donate leather frocks (leather over 50, unless you’re Ann Richards, is just sad)
  17. Complete a mini master bath reno
  18. Redo the spare bedroom/office
  19. Switch from regular soda to diet (boo!)
  20. Monthly, write down the highlights (both good & bad) that occurred
  21. Declutter the basement
  22. Organize the garage
  23. Update our will
  24. Visit the Philadelphia museum of art
  25. Visit the museum of fine arts in Boston
  26. Greatly reduce my (over)use of the quotative “like”
  27. Work on letting go of old grudges #brian
  28. Attempt to ‘chunky knit’ a blanket
  29. Take a beginner’s course in drawing
  30. Work on learning a 2nd language – French
  31. Cultivate new friendships
  32. Stop rage-tweeting the president
  33. Take a MOOC
  34. Have a photo shoot of the dogs (they often get overlooked)
  35. Declutter the kitchen
  36. Give someone a random compliment – do this weekly
  37. Compile a bucket list for the decade of my fifties
  38. Finally read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho to see what the hype’s about
  39. Make a snowman next time it snows (I’ve never done it)
  40. Surprise family with a last minute trip
  41. Either sell or donate backlog of clothes taking up room in closets
  42. Spend a day being a tourist in Baltimore
  43. Get at least 11,000 steps at least 5 days per week (unless ill or traveling)
  44. Work on flexibility with stretches/yoga training three times a week
  45. Read more (it’s fallen by the wayside recently)
  46. Declutter house/inbox/brain
  47. Amp up retiremant savings/planning
  48. Do a relationship building activity w/Jim once a week
  49. Buy an art book monthly featuring a different master: read, learn, commit to memory

….may the odds be ever in my favor


About B.

97% modest, 3% awesome
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