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Random Thought of the Day #3

So sick of all the bullshit hipster restaurant double-speak. I refuse to eat at a place with ‘fusion’ in its name or tolerate people who drone on about how they really like to dine in local bistros featuring free-range, farmer-friendly, … Continue reading

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Eschrichtius Robustus

Dear Jim, We danced together on the March equinox Do you remember? We were free of pretense, free of pain Fearlessly optimistic – wild and unrestrained In the beginning, you had me, and I had you (I always knew) Then … Continue reading

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Sword of Damocles

Some days you feel as if you are Pandora’s Box itself. All the sorrows of the world reside within you. All the hate and fear and bile and shame – straining against your edges and scratching grooves into the smooth … Continue reading

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Lenny Bruce is Not Afraid

It’s the end of the world as we know it. And CNN, with its 24/7 disaster-porn news coverage, wants you to feel fine. Now, there’s absolute truth to the science behind global climate change and the great shitstorm it brings … Continue reading

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Random Thought of the Day #2

When you speak in absolutes, you box yourself in. There’s no room for change or growth or evolution of thought. That said… I absolutely hate Donald J. Trump.

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One kiddo is currently having the time of her life sunning herself in beautiful, exotic Costa Rica. The other is the most together 16-year-old I know and is about to embark on her junior year of high school. Both are … Continue reading

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