The Tao of Will

Dear Blog,

Hello, my friend, I haven’t completely forgotten about you! Like roses and bears and wood frogs (oh, my!), I’ve been hibernating this winter.  I’ve holed up in the safety & comfort of my den, snuggling my pup, communing with family, and watching a shit-ton (<- actual unit of measurement) of Netflix between long winter’s naps.

It’s. Been. Nice.

But as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Or maybe something about ‘too much of a good thing.’… or only putting off until tomorrow what you’re willing to die having left undone. (okay. that last one sounds a little harsh)

Anyway, a week from today the clocks spring forward, and so shall I. But these past few months haven’t *just* been a happy haze of breakfast in bed and binge-watching The Great British Baking Show (although that HAS been a big part of it). I’ve also been thinking about the path ahead: the things I want to carry with me and the stuff, both literal and figurative, I need to jettison in order to move forward.

This means dusting off the treadmill, reintroducing disciple into my life (boo!), making decisions without dawdling, and working toward a happier, healthier future. Basically — adulting. Yuck.

I hate to say I’m taking life advice from Will Smith’s Instafeed (I totally am) but he’s been talking a lot lately about self-disciple & self-love leading to self-success (or something along those lines), and it sounds about right. I need to get on this shit asap so I can make the Fresh Prince proud.


Which has me wondering — is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air available on Netflix? #brb

Yours Always,



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