I have a life, and it only goes in one direction. Forward. ~ Don Draper

Life has been busy busy busy lately. Not so much (though, of course, occasionally) in a stressful way – more so productive.

I’ve been working hard, sleeping well, eating healthier, exercising regularly, tackling long overdue projects (hello, home improvement to-do list as long as my arm!), and spending time, when I have time to spend, with people who really matter.

To accomplish this, I’ve had to cut way back on distractions. TV/Netflix/Hulu took a big hit, as did most forms of social media (except Twitter, because what am I—an animal??)

It was hard at first. I think we’re all pre-conditioned to stay plugged into the collective. Feeling a little down, frustrated, accomplished or excited – just post about it and wait for the euphoric rush that comes from someone validating your life choices with the click of a ‘like’ button! But after a while,  it ends up being a time sink and an unhealthy game of one-upmanship. (ain’t nobody got time for that)


So it’s been good to step back and gain some perspective (and get a ton done in the process). I’ve also been surprised by who has taken time to touch base and who hasn’t. I wasn’t really expecting anyone to take my pulse, so to speak, but it’s always nice to know your voice is missed. And the people who’ve cared enough to reach out are not the ones I would have thought. So that’s given me a lot to consider/reevaluate.

The one thing that never changed: my core group of special people – my tribe – my beautiful girls & extraordinary husband & the world’s sweetest chihuahua/corgi mix. In both words and actions, they have proven time and again that they’re all I’ll ever need, and far more than I probably deserve. I only hope they feel that same love radiated right back at them.

I am a lucky woman. 💗

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