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“A meaningful grouping or sequence so as to constitute a record.”

Fortune Favors the Bold

Why are fortune cookies so boring? If you’re giving me a stale cookie in a noisy cellophane wrapper, at least make it entertaining, snarky, or both. Ideas: This cookie looks a like a mini vagina — bon appétit! You have a … Continue reading

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They Say The Neon Lights Are Bright

We saw our first Broadway musical in 2014 (Chicago, in case you’re curious) and I was instantly hooked. As a huge fan of musical movies and TV shows, it wasn’t much of a leap for me. Since then I’ve been … Continue reading

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You might be Donald Trump IF: Your domestic policy is a turgid, half-baked mess, and your foreign policy consists of a four-way circle jerk between you, Russia, Israel, and the Saudis. You decry peaceful protests of racism while going out … Continue reading

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49 to Fifty

Here I sit in the wake of my 48th year. It’s been a good one, but change is also good (and necessary), and I’ve felt myself straining against the chains that bind for some time now. I think it explains … Continue reading

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In a little over three weeks I’ll turn FORTY-NINE years old. What. The. Fuck. I remember in my teens thinking 35 was old. And by 50 you were soaking your teeth in a glass nightly and relieving yourself into Depends … Continue reading

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