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The Edge of Seventeen

Dear Sydney, Tomorrow you are seventeen. How is that even possible? When I close my eyes and conjure your image, it’s baby-you I see. From the coppery-red whisps of hair (proof positive my Irish blood runs in your veins) to … Continue reading

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Eschrichtius Robustus

Dear Jim, We danced together on the March equinox Do you remember? We were free of pretense, free of pain Fearlessly optimistic – wild and unrestrained In the beginning, you had me, and I had you (I always knew) Then … Continue reading

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One kiddo is currently having the time of her life sunning herself in beautiful, exotic Costa Rica. The other is the most together 16-year-old I know and is about to embark on her junior year of high school. Both are … Continue reading

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Summertime Blues

Dear Ryan, I’m missing you a lot today. Well, that implies I don’t miss you every day, which I do. But today it’s hitting a little harder I suppose. Maybe it’s the time of year? I know how much you … Continue reading

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The Chrysalis

Yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of my son’s death. It was in all ways that matter, the worst of worst days.  Although I will say that for me, as time goes by, his birthdays are sadder. Yesterday was about endings, … Continue reading

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