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Whinging: Old English for peevish or fretful complaining.


In a little over three weeks I’ll turn FORTY-NINE years old. What. The. Fuck. I remember in my teens thinking 35 was old. And by 50 you were soaking your teeth in a glass nightly and relieving yourself into Depends … Continue reading

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Bali Is Never the Answer

I have the attention span of a gnat. I don’t know if it’s ADHD, old age, a sensory processing disorder, or if I just plain don’t give a shit about half the things I should. Trying to pay a handful … Continue reading

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Have you ever heard the story of Sisyphus? It’s one of my favorite Greek tales. The cliff notes go something like this: for the crime of outsmarting death, Hades (god of the underworld) condemns Sisyphus to roll a giant boulder … Continue reading

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